Polybutylene: The Ticking Time Bomb

Don't Let this Inferior Material Wreck your Home and Finances

Polybutylene is a plastic which was thought to be a miraculous advance in plumbing several decades ago. Polybutylene pipes were installed in millions of homes before they were discovered to be extremely prone to failure. Plumbers refer to these pipes as "ticking time bombs" because it is simply a matter of time before they fail and cost you a fortune in water damage, infestation control and repairs.

Polybutylene Risks

Chemicals in municipal water sources react with Polybutylene pipes causing them to become brittle and crack. The fittings usually go first and spring leaks. Pipe failure comes next. A pipe bursting is a serious problem and, unless someone immediately shuts off the water, the result will be thousands of dollars in damage.

Repipe with the Highest Quality Materials and Never Worry Again

If your home plumbing system is over twenty years old, a repipe is a good idea. If you have a Polybutylene system, we will tear it out so you are rid of this menace for good. Then we will install high quality PEX or copper pipes and guarantee our work for life!

Do You Know if You have Polybutylene Pipes?

If you don’t, we will find out for free. Call 1-800-REPIPING (1-800-737-4746) today for a free inspection. The cost of a repipe will be a great deal less expensive than the potential damage caused by a pipe failure, so call now!